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3D Renders

3D Rendering helps in visualizing your house.

“A picture is worth a thousand words” 3D photorealistic images may convey an idea more quickly and effectively
At Habitat Design-Architectural Drafting we use the latest 3D software to portray your design concept into a photorealistic image allowing you to obtain a true sense of space and character of your new dwelling or development.

3D perspective

3D perspective of a proposed duplex in Garran-Canberra

Dual Occupancies

Completed duplex in Garran-Canberra

3D visualisations are one of the key components for development approval and marketing that our team at Habitat Design-Architectural Drafting can provide through a range of different options.

We provide the following 3D Renderings and Visualisations:

  • Exterior 3D renderings
  • Landscaping 3D renderings

External 3D Rendering Visualisations

Selecting the external colours and fabrics of your new project can be a daunting task, but with 3D virtual imaging we can help in making the process a lot easier with “Real Time” rendering as you switch between different options.

Landscaping can enhance an external colour scheme providing more depth and character to the external building fabric and this can be used in real time renderings.

Gunning 3D final PS

Proposed new home-Gunning NSW

Internal 3D Visualisations

The advantages of 3D real time internal visualisations and rendering is we can get a true sense of space, light and shade during daylight and night time allowing our clients to design for better solar orientations and floor plan fluency between internal and external areas.

The kitchen can be the core hub of most homes and could be styled to be a significant feature of any home. By applying 3D renderings this can provide some direction and help when developing your colour pallet and design layout.

Contact our team at Habitat Design-Architectural Drafting to see we can help you with our range of different 3D rendering and visualisation options to suit your new project